Year 6 Elder

Welcome to Year 6 Elder. We are a class full of determined, enthusiastic and hard-working individuals, each with unique talents. We are delighted to be the oldest members of Grove Park Primary School, always showing the younger children what a role model student looks like. In our final year here, we are lucky enough to be the first two form entry Year 6 at Grove Park. Both Elder and Oak class will strive for the very best, always ensuring we encourage each other. Our moto is simple-team work makes the dream work.

We understand that mistakes are not failures, but that they are opportunities to learn and grow. We encapsulate the power ‘yet’ and demonstrating a can-do attitude to reach our full potential. We are looking forward to the challenges and excitement of Year 6 and preparing ourselves for the secondary school journey we have ahead of us.


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Autumn Overview


Elder class have had a fantastic autumn term in Year 6. From our week long trip to PGL, to discovering Churchill’s underground War Rooms through topic, it has been an exciting and creative start to our learning.

Our autumn term topic has been based around WW2-which the children have loved studying. In English, our weekly writing has surrounded our class text Goodnight Mr Tom, a novel about a child who is evacuated to the countryside during the Blitz. Children have produced a variety of pieces-setting descriptions, diary entries, flashbacks not to mention a formal letter to Mr. Churchill from the beaches of Dunkirk. Throughout the topic, we have using primary and secondary sources to understand how WW2 started, discussing the reliability of when sources have been discovered or written. Creatively, we have also produced WW2 soldier portraits, Blitz art and original pieces of propaganda. Here we used a range of artistic techniques including cross hatching, shading, collage and our knowledge of contrasting colours.

In maths, we have secured our knowledge of the four operations and fractions/decimals/percentages focusing on using and applying our methods. Year 6 particularly enjoyed using our mathematical knowledge to calculate a weekly rationing menu as well as calculate ammunition needed for different countries fighting in WW2.

In science, we studied electricity with a particular focus on investigating how we can adapt and change circuits. We had great fun changing the brightness of a bulb and drawing simple circuits. We also researched famous scientists who have contributed to electricity over time.

To finish off our packed autumn term, the Year cohort performed an original WW2 Christmas play. All children took on their roles whole-heartedly and sang beautifully. The teachers believe we have some future Oscar winning actors and actresses in the making.

We look forward to more exciting activities in spring term.


Spring Overview


With the year moving so quickly, Year 6 Elder cannot believe that it is already the summer term! Throughout spring we have worked incredibly hard to prepare for our upcoming SATS in May.

Within mathematics, our focus for spring, has surrounded using our knowledge of methods and applying them to real life situations and SAT style questions. We have come up with our own top tips including always writing our number sentences when we are dealing with tricky word problems as well as remembering rhymes to help us remember fraction methods. These include multiply motorway, Year 6 are M.A.D and whatever you do to the bottom, you do to the top.

‘The Other Side of Truth’ was our Spring Term Literacy text. Set in Nigeria, much of our writing surrounded characters leaving their home country and moving to the unfamiliar surroundings of London as refugees. Using empathy, Year 6 Elder have discussed in detail about how this would feel and have produced brilliant pieces of creative diary entries and narratives. Year 6 Elder produced thought provoking poems surrounding being a refugee which are proudly displayed in our classroom!

Year 6 Elder have thoroughly enjoyed studying our topic Africa which greatly links to our class text. We produced beautiful pieces of art surrounded a traditional Africa style called TingaTinga art. This incorporates drawing and painting animals using bright contrasting colours and patterns. We have also enjoyed using our geographical knowledge to locate countries within Africa and using our computing lessons to research Africa Culture, Africa Dance and African Music.

Our Spring term ended with our Reading Festival Week, where Year 6 studied a variety of poems including If by Rudyard Kipling as well as Desiderata by Max Ehremann. We discussed in great detail, the meaning of these poems and what we could learn from them as we leave Grove Park and move to secondary school. We then created poems surrounding the topic ‘Words to Live by’.

We look forward to updating you with our packed summer term filled with science, art, and topic and of course production!