Welcome to Year 5 Hawthorn Class!

Year 5 Hawthorn are open minded, resilient and we persevere in everything we do. We are a mistake friendly class and learn through always giving things a go and never giving up.

 We are an extremely talented group of learners. Our tables are named after influential and inspirational musicians who have accomplished incredible things. We aspire to achieve, and we set high expectations of synonymous with Grove Park. In Hawthorn we are determined to be the best we can be.

We hope you enjoy looking at our page and all the exciting things we get up to over the year.​


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Autumn Overview


What an eventful term it has been! Our Tudor theme in the Autumn term led us to designing and creating our very own Tudor Projects and even visiting Hampton Court Palace. The projects were incredible and the children worked extremely hard making them. We thought it would be a shame to simply keep them to ourselves in the classroom so we decided to showcase them in the hall! Mr Jones was thoroughly impressed and even pinched a few to have in his office! Hampton Court was a rousing success and the children learnt what it was like to live a wealthy life and a poor life in the Tudor era. We also discussed the plausibility of many aspects of Henry VIII’s life during our ‘Questioning the Past’ workshop.

The Houses of Parliament was a sensational trip which Year 5 enjoyed immensely. We walked through the Queen’s Chamber, The House of Lords and The House of Commons while also spotting Theresa May’s pigeon hole. When we got back to school, Mr Holmes Reed showed us the live feed from BBC parliament and it was hard to believe Members of Parliament were debating laws in the very room we were in earlier that day!

In our History and Geography theme week, we created our very own maps of the world according to what the Tudors believed the world looked like. We made Tudor Roses out of acetate and one Tudor Rose out of clay. These looked fabulous and will be on our windows in the classroom to remind us of such an inspirational week.

Arguably, the highlight of the term was Charities Week. Year 5 made their very own products to sell to raise money for The Samaritans. With the theme of friendship and well-being in mind, we each made a friendship bracelet. Later in the week we had the chance to create our own brand of bath salts which came in all different smells and colours. We hope you enjoyed these!

In between all this we have read Tom’s Midnight Garden in English, made a leaflet on Tudor Explorers in Topic, organised a Tudor Feast in Maths for Life and written some beautiful stories in Creative Writing.

It’s hard to believe how much Year 5 Hawthorn have covered in such a short space of time! It is a term we will all look back on very fondly and we are ready and raring to go with another sensational term of fun and excitement at Grove Park in 2019!



Spring Overview


Year 5 Hawthorn have been hard at work learning about Ancient Greece. Each week we were being led by a Greek God who introduced a new aspect of Greece to us. Nike, Goddess of victory taught us about the Olympic Games, Hephaistos, God of fire and metal work, taught us how to make a Greek Akroterion out of clay while Persephone, Queen of the underworld and nature taught us how to make a flower out of a lollypop and tissue paper. We have been learning about Greek verbs and pronouns too and are building up our Greek vocabulary each week.

The highlight of the term was undoubtedly our assembly on Ancient Greece and Greek Gods. We performed three shorts stories from Ancient Greece including the forming of the Gods, The Trojan Horse and Theseus and the Minotaur. The audience, including parents, loved the jokes the dances and the final song where we sung “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay with alternate lyrics.

Throughout the rest of the term, we have benefitted from author visits during our Reading Festival. We were lucky to have the amazing Abi Elphinstone come and inspire us to write our own stories. She taught us lots about the writing process and how she creates her own fantastical worlds. We explored our English texts ‘The Highwayman’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in lots of depth and used drama and bookmaking to bring the stories to life.

We are looking forward to continuing our progress and will be studying Hawaii in the summer term, comparing island life to life in London.