Grove Park Primary School

Welcome to Grove Park

There is something very special about our school; it is tangible and precious and rare. At Grove Park, ‘outstanding’ is not a moment in time or an ‘end goal’ but is the result of living out our TREE values (Trust, Respect, Empathy and Enthusiasm) every day in all we do and say. Every child and adult is valued and treated with respect and has an important personal contribution to make towards the success of our wonderful school.

Like a tree, Grove Park has strong roots which are based in our: values, relationships, local community, history, families and our secure systems, policies and procedures. This stability means that we are able to grow upwards and outwards, manage change and be an inspirational and aspirational community of learners. 


Our high academic standards and huge aspiration for every child, regardless of their background or circumstances, is shown through:

  • Respectful and professional relationships between all staff that children can be inspired by;
  • Open communication with parents;
  • An unwavering focus on pupil well-being;
  • Consistent but sensitive behaviour management;
  • Beautifully presented work in all lessons that children can be immensely proud of;
  • Excellent outcomes and progress across the curriculum which is evident in books, lessons and data;
  • Rich vocabulary and high-quality texts in all lessons;
  • A commitment to reading for pleasure;
  • Meaningful and high-quality marking and feedback;
  • Stimulating and engaging displays that celebrate our inspiring teaching and learning;
  • Well-organised and tidy resources, classrooms and communal areas;
  • Creative and contextualised learning.

Lessons at Grove Park give opportunities for real creativity: the chance for children to use their imagination, think critically, take risks, gain independence, think of new ideas and be flexible – all valuable life skills for their future alongside the rich educational, technological and cultural experiences we offer.


Children learn best when they gain new knowledge through a contextualised curriculum. Therefore, we use trips, visitors, stories, picture books, outdoor learning, children’s own experiences and the richness of our local area to place real experience at the heart of all learning. Children’s well-being is precious and so we look for opportunities to understand their local and global context so that they can learn deeply, develop a sense of identity and feel at the centre of what they are experiencing.


Children’s emotional, social and mental health is also nurtured through our development of their narrative voice and ability to show empathy, alongside our commitment to mindfulness.


The support and teaching staff at Grove Park are truly amazing and our most valuable resource and we are committed to their well-being too.


With whatever that ‘special ingredient’ is here at Grove Park, we will continue to grow and be proud of our school - a place where children and adults can feel safe, happy and thrive as people, professionals and learners – ‘inspiring each other’.