Grove Park Primary School

Real Life Maths

Maths For Life

At Grove Park we adopt a contextualised way of teaching so that children are aware of the context and links between their learning and the purpose behind it!

Maths for Life provides a relationship between maths and real life experiences. Children throughout this year, will be able to see a purpose to why we teach maths. We are providing children with transferable skills, that they can use through their continued education and adult life. Our aim is for children to solve a range of mathematical problems by applying methods taught in class to variety of routine real life scenarios. By providing a context between maths taught in school and real life we hope to raise children who have an organic approach to maths representing resilience and confidence throughout their mathematical lives.

Maths for life incorporates methods taught throughout the week and applying it to a practical scenario whether it’s using standard method of addition to calculate a Great British bake off themed lesson or using multiplication and division to calculate how much you have spent in a super market-Children at Grove Park are realising maths is a useful transferable skill! These areas provide opportunities for children to explore maths in context in reconstructed environments from outside the classroom.

Maths for life is all about having a holistic, creative and active approach to teaching maths. Take a look at what we have been getting up to and what the children have to say about Maths for Life:


We hope you enjoy looking at our work and remember Beware! Maths is everywhere!


Quotes from the children:

‘You don’t even realise you are doing maths’ Angel Year 6


‘It makes us want to do maths more because its real life-we are like maths detectives’ Kanata Year 6


‘It helps us to maths into action! We are like maths super heroes!’ Delphi Year 5