Parent Workshops


Phonics Screening Check - Led by Ms Laura Barton, Y2 Teacher & KS1 Leader on 16/10/2020

Phonics Screening Check


Phonics in EYFS and KS1 - Led by Mrs Michelle McGregor, Assistant Headteacher on 2/10/20

Phonics at Grove Park Parent Workshop 2020/21

Phonics Information for Parents 2020/21

Sound Mat


RHE Parent Consultation - Led by Helen Inwood , Assistant Headteacher on 15/10/19 and 18/10/19.


The Role of the Parent Leader - Led by Helen Inwood, Assistant Headteacher on 14/10/19


Parent Reader Training


Children's Learning Styles - Led by Ms Rachel Davies, Deputy Headteacher/SENCO on 1/3/19


Children's learning styles parent workshop


Maths in EYFS and KS1 - Led by Ms Laura Barton, Year 2 Teacher / EYFS and KS1 Maths Leader on 1/2/19


Maths in EYFS and KS1 parent workshop


English Curriculum at Grove Park – Led by Mr Richard Charlesworth, KS2 English Co-Ordinator on 21/9/18


English at Grove Park


Choosing a Secondary School - Led by Mrs Jo Lovatt, Parent Support Adviser on 7/9/18


How to choose the right secondary school


In light of the changes made to the Children and Social Work Act, Grove Park will be making some amendments to its Relationships and Health Education curriculum and policy. A child’s Personal, Social and Health Education should be a partnership between schools and parents. Grove Park was keen to receive parental feedback with regards to our proposed new RHE curriculum. For this reason, two parental consultation sessions were held, one in the morning and one in the evening, in order to ensure maximum turn out. The consultations allowed for complete transparency with regards to the content of the proposed new curriculum. Parents were made aware of what content would be taught in each year group, how LGBTQ and Transgenderism would be addressed and the procedures for withdrawal. They were also given time to look at the resources, books and animations that would be used in each year group. Copies of the draft RHE policy were also made available to parents. Parents were encouraged to give anonymous feedback both during and after the session through the use of feedback slips.