Parent Workshops

Managing Stress in Children and "Zones of Regulation" - Led by Jo Lovatt & Lizzie Potter on 11/03/2022

Managing Stress in Children:


Zones of Regulation part 1:


Zones of Regulation part 2:


Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation Visual

Zones of Regulation - Toolkit Template

Characters - Zone of Regulation Board Strategies

Zones of Regulation - Glossary

The Role of the Parent Reader - Led by Sam Flynn, English Leader & Jonny Hibbert, Assistant Headteacher on 12/11/2021

Parent Reader Training

Phonics Screening Check - Led by Ms Laura Barton, Y2 Teacher & KS1 Leader on 16/10/2020

Phonics Screening Check

Phonics in EYFS and KS1 - Led by Mrs Michelle McGregor, Assistant Headteacher on 2/10/20

Phonics at Grove Park Parent Workshop 2020/21

Phonics Information for Parents 2020/21

Sound Mat

Children's Learning Styles - Led by Ms Rachel Davies, Deputy Headteacher/SENCO on 1/3/19

Children's learning styles parent workshop

Maths in EYFS and KS1 - Led by Ms Laura Barton, Year 2 Teacher / EYFS and KS1 Maths Leader on 1/2/19

Maths in EYFS and KS1 parent workshop

English Curriculum at Grove Park – Led by Mr Richard Charlesworth, KS2 English Co-Ordinator on 21/9/18

English at Grove Park