Parent Teacher Association

“the school community working together”



The PTA is an association which all the parents and carers at Grove Park are automatically members of. We are a group of active parents, carers, teachers and staff whose purpose is to bring our school community together and raise money for the school at the same time. We are a registered charity.

The primary goal of the PTA at Grove Park is to organise community events. We hold many exciting events throughout the school year. The Christmas Fair, Summer Festival and social evenings are the main examples where parents and teachers work together to organise a school wide event. These occasions also give everyone a chance to get together and meet each other in a social setting.

Another major goal is to raise funds for additional items which may fall outside of the usual school budget. Each year we aim to raise at least £20.000.

The PTA uses these funds to pay for additional items throughout the school year. Traditionally we pay for the coaches on school trips, healthy schools week workshops, IT equipment, and inspirational visits such as athletes or writers. The PTA also contributes to sports equipments, lighting and sound systems, Year 6 end of year events & productions and library books. We also aim to provide the teachers with a £100 class fund every year.

In recent years we  have raised money for playground markings, new outside lighting and to improve Wi-Fi connections throughout the school.

Our fundraising events included second hand uniform sales, cake sales, a quiz night, Christmas Fair, Halloween discos, auctions and Summer Festival.

We also seek to get sponsorships from external organisations to contribute to the school directly by sponsoring an event or indirectly by providing products or services. Examples of these are sponsoring advertising boards, providing food, refreshments or equipment for stalls.

Grove Park is very lucky to have an amazing community, whose generosity and creativity enables the PTA to be very successful. We usually achieve what we set out for each year, and some years we even achieve significantly more.

All of the above is only possible with the help and commitment from you. We hope all parents and carers get involved, at some point during their time in Grove Park. This can be in one of many different ways. We would love to get you on board. You can:

  • be a class representative. Class reps are the contact point between the school, PTA and the class parents and carers. They remind the parents of important dates, recruit volunteers to the events and organise them.
  • give time to assist on specific events by organising or helping on the day,
  • donate items or help source raffle prizes or auction items,
  • design posters, tickets, printouts and/or put them up,
  • be an active committee member and get involved in decisions and actions,
  • come up with new ideas for fundraising and execute them if required. 

If you are unable to help out with anything on the list you can still support by attending our events with family and friends. We would be happy to see you.



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Please read the PTA AGM minutes and PTA Newsletter from Autumn 2019