Friends of Grove Park Primary PTA


Creating a school community where parents, carers, teachers and our local community work together to ensure our children have access to the best facilities for developing their knowledge and creativity

The Friends of Grove Park Primary PTA is a registered charity (1099383).  We are a group of active parents, carers, teachers and staff whose purpose is to connect our community and raise money for the school.

We hold many different events throughout the school year including snack sales, uniform sales, fairs, quizzes, auctions and raffles. These events bring people together, strengthening our community whilst raising much needed funds to support our school by buying materials, goods and services. For example, investments can include IT systems and sports equipment, as well as workshops, inspirational visits, coaches on school trips.

We work with our teachers to identify a wish list of items that would most benefit the school and our children, receive input from the Student Council to prioritise needs - and we then do our best to make it happen!  

We are a registered charity

As we are a registered charity, you can now choose to Gift Aid any donation, which gives us an additional 25% of income from donations. If you are interested in making monthly, termly or annual donations please donate here:

Our fund raising target

Each year we aim to raise at least £20,000 to buy things for the school. This year our aim is to raise £25,000 to buy all the items that were set out in the wish list presented at our Annual General Meeting in September. 

We feel it is important to show the link between the money we raise through different PTA events and what the school does with the money. Providing transparency helps demonstrate what an enormous difference each of us can make.

So, each month we send out a monthly update to parents and carers on our fund raising efforts and show where the money is being used to help the school.  



The Friends of Grove Park Primary PTA organise a multitude of events throughout the school year. Each year we look to organise new and different events but some of our regular events include:

  • Quiz nights – great food and drink, a chance to connect with other parents and generally lots of fun!
  • Uniform sales – an opportunity to buy new or pre-loved uniform at tiny prices
  • Snack Sales – a crazy 30 minutes every fortnight where we sell cakes and healthy snacks after school and raise lots of money!
  • Christmas and Summer Fairs – a rare and wonderful occasion for the whole school to come together and enjoy arts, crafts, games, raffles, music, food and drinks
  • Auctions – a wonderful way to showcase the generosity of our local community who provide brilliant prizes and gifts for us to auction to the highest bidder.

Partnerships with the local community

Chiswick has the feel of a village, with the amenities of a town and sits on the doorstep of one of the best cities in the world. To make the most of this, we work hard to explore, build and nurture strong relationships with local businesses; this allows us to promote the school, raise money and help them thrive. 

For example, Budgens is supporting our snack sales, Bizzie Buddies is offering discounts and some free spaces at sports camps and Snappy Snaps is supporting printing and photography for our PTA events and our Santa’s Grotto in the Christmas Fair. 

We are always interested in exploring similar partnerships with other local businesses and would be delighted to chat to you if you have ideas.  

Get involved!

We can only be successful when we have the support or parents, carers and our community.

We are always looking for people with energy, enthusiasm and passion to help. Our Class Reps play a significant role in helping to promote and support our events, but we are also looking for help in other ways.

More than anything, we need people who can roll their sleeves up to help out! Whether that is to set up an event, to run something or to help behind the scenes – we need you. 

In particular, if you: 

  • Are design and/or social media savvy
  • Have procurement experience
  • Love fundraising - or simply have some good ideas
  • Are well connected, or ‘know someone who could probably help’ 

If you want to get involved, have some suggestions or want to give us feedback please write to, contact your class rep, or message Richard on 07815 755153 or Adriana on 07446 357911

Grove Park is very lucky to have an amazing community, whose generosity and creativity enables the PTA to support our kids in their learning journey. 

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