Grove Park Primary School


Parents are always welcome at Grove Park Primary School.  An appointment is not always needed to see the Headteacher but a school is a busy place and you may have to wait for the Head to be free.  An appointment is advisable for anything that will take more than a few minutes.

Our teachers are available at the end of each school day to talk over any minor issues.  If you wish to discuss anything for more than a few minutes, please make an appointment through the school office or speak directly to the teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Parents can be involved in the school in numerous other ways, for example helping on school trips, listening to children read, working with groups, outdoor games activities etc. New skills and enthusiasms are very welcome.

We hold workshops on topics which support parents helping their children with homework such as 'Helping your Child with Maths', or topics of interest to parents such as sushi making.  

We value parents’ opinions and input into the running of the school.  We have established an open Parents’ Forum, who meet with the Headteacher each term to discuss a wide range of issues.  This provides a link between the parents and the school and helps good communication to be maintained. Feel free to join us for these meetings, the dates and times are published on the website under 'Diary Dates' on the home page.

Although, we welcome visitors to our school, we will act to ensure that it remains a safe place for pupils, staff and other members of our community, if you threaten or assault anyone in the school, or persist in abusive behaviour, you will be asked to leave the premises and may be prosecuted.