School Council

The School Council at Grove Park School plays a vital role in the decision making and forward planning at the school and helps all the children play a meaningful and valuable part in matters that affect them at school and in their wider lives.

The School Council is a team made up of children from the school. Every class from Year 1 to Year 6 is represented by two children. These two children are elected by the rest of the class and will ideally be one girl and one boy to ensure that the whole class is represented. Every two weeks the classes meet as a Class Council and discuss school issues. These may be issues driven by the children, the staff or other members of the school community. The issues could include the curriculum, behaviour, school lunches, school uniform, the outdoor learning environment, charitable matters and events in the wider community. The classes then bring their ideas and comments to the School Council meeting. This is held every other week and is chaired and led by the two representatives from Year 6. Year 6 also appoint a School Council Secretary to take and distribute minutes. The Head Teacher – or another member of the Senior Leadership Team – the School Council Coordinator and the school Site Manager attend these meetings. Decisions and information arising from these meetings is fed back to the whole school via the year groups or in a whole school assembly. This will also include Early Years where relevant.

In the past the School Council have also played an important role in the school’s interview process for prospective Headteachers and Deputy Headteachers. School Councillors have put together their own set of interview questions and, whilst being observed by school governors, have conducted their own interviews of candidates. At various times members of the School Council, with support from the School Council Coordinator, have also been required to present their ideas to school governors on a more formal basis.

The School Council always welcome visitors to their meetings. In the past these have included the school governors, members of the catering team, the lunchtime supervisors, the PTA and various interested outside visitors.

Grove Park’s School Council is very proud of its achievements to date. It has made a real impact on life both in school and in the local community and is particularly proud of its recent Speaker’s School Council award, where the team were recognised for their contribution to Grove Park Primary School.