Grove Park Primary School

School House Teams


To foster and enhance our celebration of good behaviour and value effort all children and staff are allocated to a House in the school.

The School Council team was given the very important task of renaming our Houses. This involved lots of hard work and discussion in classes and then in the School Council team, initially shortlisting and choosing a new overall theme and then, from this, shortlisting once again and choosing the final names – a very detailed process! The whole school community was involved from children to parents to staff, making it all very democratic. The final theme chosen was UK Woods and Forests. We were so thrilled with this choice! The theme links to our tree logo representing Grove Park School and, equally significant, has a connection to all our class names. It symbolises the deep roots we have across the school and its community. It also, and very importantly, demonstrates how forests and woods provide a vital habitat for many things, just as our school provides a vital environment in which our children can grow and flourish and in which we can all support each other.


The four houses are:

 Ashdown GallowaySherwoodTollymore


Children are encouraged to earn house points for demonstrating our TREE values in their work, learning and behaviour. House point tokens are placed in boxes in classrooms and collected and counted by Year 6 House Captains every Friday. Each half-term the winning team is awarded an extra half an hour playtime. This is a wonderful chance for all of the children in the wining House to bond, spend time together and of course celebrate!