Grove Park Primary School

Our School

Grove Park Primary School is part of the education service provided by the London Borough of Hounslow. The school was opened on 7th January 1952 on a site formerly owned by London's St Thomas's Hospital.  The Nursery class was purpose built and opened in 1985.  The area is reminded of the link with St Thomas's Hospital by local street names, such as our own Nightingale Close.

Today Grove Park continues to flourish as an outstanding two form entry primary school which is a hub of creativity, high ambition and achievement! Grove Park reached the Sunday Times top 200 schools in the country rightly reflecting our status as a leader of primary provision in the local area. Surrounded by magnificent oak trees with an enviable playground, allotment and pond and wildlife area we see ourselves as a haven of peace and greenery in the heart of West London. Squirrels and other wildlife are regularly seen in our green areas, providing much excitement for our children.

Children are immersed in a multitude of different learning, which encompasses knowledge, skills, values and understanding of the world. Our teachers provide extensive opportunities for children to learn using a variety of methods and styles. Stories permeate the curriculum and developing children’s reading and writing is a core ambition. We place novels and picture books at the heart of the English curriculum. Pupils use their imagination and explore and discuss their own experiences through the use of picture books right through to Year 6 and produce writing of depth, meaning and amazing quality. Children’s books reflect outstanding marking of quality and pupil outcomes are simply outstanding! A real treasure and joy to see. Pupils use their maths skills effectively and creatively, linking it to real-life problems and challenges.

Our children are often heard singing and composing music of great quality with the support of our talented and wonderful music teacher, Miss Cookson. Mr Rick, our dedicated PE teacher instils a healthy approach to living in our children and can be seen actively engaging the children in a plethora of sporting opportunities.

The whole focus at school is around our wonderful children who are a real joy to be with. There is a sense of wonder, enquiry and desire for knowledge that children share throughout the time with us. Equipping children to be the best they can be, equipped with knowledge, curiosity, being a kind and responsible person and ready to make a positive difference in the world drives our infectious enthusiasm at Grove Park.

The atmosphere throughout the school is one of excitement and concentration. The standard of behaviour is extremely high and there are many ways the children learn strategies to develop their social skills. Friendship is greatly valued and our school council offers advice on how to improve the play times and lunchtimes, assuring that they go really smoothly. A creative and vibrant learning environment which reflects the children’s work permeates the school.