Grove Park Primary School


From a very early age, it is vital for children to build a solid foundation to their mathematical learning. At Grove Park Primary, we recognise the importance of early experiences in mathematics and strive to provide an engaging and encouraging climate for children's regular encounters with the subject throughout the whole of their primary education. These positive experiences help children to develop dispositions such as curiosity, imagination, flexibility, inventiveness, and persistence, which contribute to their future success in and out of school.

Learning mathematics is a process which requires active involvement. Teachers carefully plan for learning opportunities which will engage all pupils in the learning process. Interactivity is vital in embedding mathematical learning. We endeavour to include a range of stimulating activities in daily lessons which allow pupils to apply their mathematical learning in a practical manner.

Our week is carefully structured to ensure that pupils experience a wide range of mathematical topics over the term. Teachers plan for 3 days of Number-related topics, one day of shape-related content and on alternate Fridays, we lead pupils in a ‘real life maths’ lesson, which allows them to apply their mathematical learning to an everyday context.

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Finally, in order to support your child at home, please find below clear guidance on how we teach the four operations.

Written methods for addition of whole numbers

Written methods for subtraction of whole numbers

Written methods for multiplication of whole numbers

Written methods for division of whole numbers

  • Maths for Mums and Dads by Rob Eastaway and Mike Askew is also a recommended read which guides you through the basics of primary school maths.