Grove Park Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages


At Grove Park, we follow a ‘personal growth’ model of teaching in which every child is equipped with the attitudes and skills they need for life. We believe strongly that one of these skills is a deep understanding of the world around them. Learning a new language can ignite children’s curiosity and open a window to other cultures. Our chosen Foreign Language at Grove Park is Spanish.

Children in Key Stage 2 have weekly Spanish lessons with a specialist teacher. These lessons enable children to understand, speak and write in Spanish. The lessons provide opportunities for children to communicate for practical purposes whilst also finding out more about the cultures of Spanish speaking countries around the world.

During the year, Key Stage 2 cover the following topics in Spanish:

Autumn Term – ‘Yo’ (All about me) and ‘Canciones y Juegos’ (Songs and Games)

Spring Term – ‘¡Vamos a Celebrarlo!’ (Celebrations) and ‘Retratos’ (Portraits)

Summer Term – ‘Los Cuatro Amigos’ (The Four Friends) and ‘Cultivando Unas Cosas’ (Growing Things)