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At Grove Park, our vision is deeply centred upon the individual child at Grove Park and we strive to provide an exciting and stimulating curriculum punctuated by high standards and creativity. Rich curricula activities form part of our core curriculum whereby pupils contextualise their learning through educational visits, residential visits and many school visitors. To place learning in context enriches and enthuses children to understand why and what they are learning. Our community and familial ethos is a key aspect of our school; first and foremost we are a community and we welcome parents to be full and active members of the school. In light of this we set termly targets with each pupil during Assertive Mentoring sessions and share these with parents; we also hold a range of parent workshops and forums. We hope that the following information and resources will also be useful for parents/carers in supporting their children’s learning.


At Grove Park we use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics scheme. It aims to build children's speaking and listening skills in their own right as well as to prepare children for learning to read. It is a detailed and systematic programme for teaching phonic skills and helping children to become fluent readers. In the Early Years we also use the Jolly Phonics actions to support children’s understanding of phonics. To support your child, the following links may be useful:

What is Letters and Sounds?

Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics

Jolly Phonics Actions

SATS END OF KEY STAGE TESTS: Please click on the following links to find out about these tests in Year 2 and 6.

Year 2 SATS: Parents' Information

Year 6 SATS: Parents' Information



Equipping children with strong literate and skills is a core aim at Grove Park. We use high quality picture fiction and novels from a range of high quality authors to foster a strong individual narrative sense, whereby children engage with the world of literature and imagination. Remember that children often see adults at home reading, it is also really valuable for them to see you write, for a range of purposes (shopping lists, work related tasks) – but also for pleasure!

Please see our curriculum page on ‘English Through Literature’ for further information on English, Reading and Writing at Grove Park:


READING: To support your child with reading, the following links may also be useful:

Reading at home: Top Tips

Reading at home: Fun Ideas

Reading at home: Expert Help


WRITING: To support your child with writing, the following links may also be useful:

Writing at home: Write the best story ever

Writing at home: Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation


MATHS: Please see our Curriculum Page for further information on ‘Maths for Life’ at Grove Park. This unique approach provides the children with a secure grasp of the relationship between maths and real life experiences.

To support your child with maths, the following links may also be useful:

Maths at home: A Family Toolkit and Advice

Maths at home: Ideas and Top Tips

Help with Times Tables


For general information about the National Curriculum please click on the following link:

or please refer to the information booklets below which outline expectations for each year group in Reading, Writing and Maths:

Year 1 Performance Indicators 

Year 2 Performance Indicators

Year 3 Performance Indicators

Year 4 Performance Indicators 

Year 5 Performance Indicators 

Year 6 Performance Indicators