Inclusion Team


Grove Park Primary School Inclusion Team


At Grove Park, we are proud of our commitment to the education of the whole child and meeting the needs of individual pupils. We believe that ‘every teacher is a teacher of every child’, but we also recognise that during their time at primary school, children may need additional help or support for a short or longer period of time. This help may be needed for many reasons, including: communication & interaction, cognition & learning, social, emotional & mental-health and sensory and/or physical needs. In light of this, we have an Inclusion Team who are able to support children to ensure they are confident and resilient learners, can access the curriculum, make good progress and reach their full potential. Our Inclusion Team have different roles and responsibilities to ensure that we can meet children’s diverse needs as quickly and effectively as possible. Please see our website for more information on Our Local Offer and school policies.

Michelle McGregor


Mandy Bromfield

Learning Mentor

Jo Lovatt

Parent Support Adviser (PSA)

Jenny Kecojevic

Well-Being Mentor

· Overseeing the day-to-day operation of the school’s SEN policy.

· Planning use of funding with Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

· Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy referrals.

· Liaising with early years providers, secondary schools, educational psychologists, health and social care professionals, and independent or voluntary bodies.

· Meeting with parents of pupils with SEN.

· Reviewing Education Health Care Plans (EHCP) with parents and professionals.

· Supporting staff to plan interventions and first quality teaching strategies

· Organising staff CPD.

· Reporting to Governors on SEN.

· Using Art to support children to develop self-esteem and the confidence to express their feelings.

· Mentoring children in Key Stage 2 using the ‘Drawing and Talking’ strategy.

· Encouraging children to draw and asking non-intrusive questions about the child’s drawing.

· Supporting children with any underlying emotional difficulties that may be affecting their learning and/or behaviour.

· Supporting children who do not meet the thresholds for support from CAMHS or who are on a long waiting list.

· Being a trusted adult within school for vulnerable pupils.

· Helping pupils to develop confidence and self-esteem.

· Supporting pupils who may be finding a transition challenging

· Supporting vulnerable families and children.

· Signposting families to support services and agencies

· Parent/carer newsletter.

· Organising and evaluating the impact of Parent Workshops

· Creating community links

· Attending social care and SEN meetings

· Supporting families with transition to secondary school

· Supporting parents with additional needs

· Supporting parents to improve attendance and engagement

· Signposting to parentcourses

· Local school links

· Organising and running a once weekly lunchtime nurture group.

· Working with parents to help children understand changes in their life through social stories and activities.

· Giving children a safe space in which to develop their ‘sense of self’.

· Supporting children, parents and staff to develop strategies for mindfulness.

· Supporting children to develop resilience and confidence.

· Supporting children who do not meet the thresholds for support from CAMHS or who are on a long waiting list.

· Supporting pupils who may find transitions challenging e.g. to Year7 or to a new class or teacher