Grove Park Primary School

Parents' Forum

As the school develops its culture of openness and transparency, it welcomes back the Parents Forum as a way for parents to raise any issues/questions with school staff. Rachel Davies, as Headteacher, intends to attend each one. This will create an open gathering for parents to have a voice and provide all individuals with an equal level of opportunity and responsibility to shape the future of the school, helping the school to provide the best for each child.

As Chair, my role is to be impartial. That means managing the participation of all involved and ensuring that everyone’s voices are heard. The meeting is an accessible method for parents to communicate with staff so that parents can understand school decision making and have an impact upon school polices through open discussions and questioning – it is not intended to replace one-to-one meetings. By directing any debate, it should ensure that meaningful conversations can be had and, where a solution is not immediately evident, I can direct resources as appropriate to take forward any change(s).

Please can you email any questions to . A full list of proposed questions will be sent out to parents prior to the meeting to focus discussions. There will be 5 minutes at the end of the meeting for any late questions.

Questions need to be related to either the whole school, to a particular key stage or a year group. Whilst I will maintain the list of questions, please could parents who raised each item present their enquiry during the meeting. This will ensure that the context behind the question can be explained, and any response given by the school can be queried further if required. If parents/carers are unable to attend, I can present questions. Please use my email to explain as fully as possible what you would like to achieve and the point you wish to put across.

After the meeting, minutes will be emailed to parents and added here, which will give an overview of the discussions and any relevant actions.

Parents Forum Chair – Mrs Jo Lovatt


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