Grove Park Primary School



The intent of the curriculum at Grove Park is…

  • - To provide an environment where all students are able to develop towards their full potential.
  • - To develop within our students the essential skills and knowledge required in reading, writing, the arts, mathematics, computing and science – promoting high standards in all.
  • - To challenge our students in a spirit if enquiry by offering them opportunities to develop the intrinsic ability to be life-long learner.
  • - To encourage our students to think and work both collaboratively and independently, with passion and excitement.
  • - To provide a rich, safe and stimulating school environment which promotes the development of a positive self-esteem and positive values within our students.
  • - To develop within our students attitudes which encourage understanding, empathy and sensitivity towards the values and attitudes of others.
  • - To enable our students to the opportunities and constraints that may shape people’s lives.
  • - To instil a positive, confident, resilient and enthusiastic attitude in our students.
  • - To deliver an environment within which our students are able to develop their narrative voice in order to allow them to construct meaning and an understanding of the world and their place within it.
  • - To promote the skills of critical analysis, through reasoned debate and argument, to allow our pupils to make informed judgements and decisions.
  • - To facilitate the journey of our pupils as responsible citizens via the development of a sense of social justice.
  • - To provide an environment which facilitates the development of essential socio-economic skills needed in order to be successful as future independent learners.
  • - To develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural experience of our students via a rich reading literature, enriching visits and visitors, and establishing links across the curriculum which are meaningful and purposeful to the lives of our students.