Welcome to Year 6 Oak Class!

Oak Class are an extremely talented, conscientous and ambitious class, with high aspirations for their final year at Grove Park.

We are all very excited to be at the top of the school and are privileged to be the first two form entry in Year 6!

We challenge and push one another to strive for the very best and understand that if we make mistakes, they are opportunities to learn. We encapsulate a growth mindset, which is demonstrated through our exemplary work, operating as a true Year 6 team. Together we focus on growing confidence, tackling challenges and preparing for our transition to Secondary School.

We are looking forward to everything this momentous year has to offer (particularly PGL!), and aim to embody everything Grove Park represents - trust, respect, empathy and enthusiasm.

Along with our friends in Elder Class, we are ready, with great confidence and determination to take on the challenges and excitements of the year ahead. 

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Key Stage 2 SATS 2017 Powerpoint


Autumn Overview 


From PGL Liddington to Bletchley Park, Goodnight Mister Tom to tackling Algebra, the Autumn Term in Year 6 has been equally fantastic, fun packed and challenging. We kick started the year with our team building trip to PGL which was full of excitement and enjoyment. We were able to take part in activities such as abseiling, zip-lining, canoeing and giant swings and worked together to help one another get the most out of the week! Our topic on WWII was both eye opening and engaging: we covered a range of topics and have emerged with a broad understanding of the chronology of the period, an in-depth understanding of the key events which lead to the outbreak of the war and how it ended in 1945! We rounded off the topic with an amazing trip to Bletchley Park (the top-secret home of WWII codebreakers) and a talk from Pat Davis (former WRN during the war). To celebrate the creativity of the Autumn Term in Year 6, we took a very cross-curricular approach to our art work and used our WWII topic as a key theme to follow. We completed fantastic soldier portraits, propaganda posters and blitz art - to name a few! In maths, we have continued to consolidate and build on all the hard work we did in Year 5, beginning with fractions and ending with more challenging aspects such as algebra and finding the area and perimeter of composite, rectilinear, shapes! In literacy, with a class of such talented and creative writers, we have moved through diary entries, flashbacks, letter writing and even non-chronological reports, showcasing our growing vocabularies and complex understanding of grammatical structures each time. Finally, our Christmas Show, the last hurrah of the Autumn Term and an absolute triumph before a relaxing Christmas break. After such a busy and fun start to the year, we feel absolutely ready to take on the Spring Term with both enthusiasm and rigour!




       Spring Overview


It is hard to believe that we are now already over half way through the school year and what a whirlwind term it has been up in Year 6 Oak! With the countdown until SATs beginning, we have been preparing in a productive, calm and measured way for the ‘big week’. We approached Mock Week in the most mature and organised manner and have achieved some fantastic results. We particularly enjoyed picking something from Miss Irwin and Mrs Hiscocks biscuit menu each day to keep us alive and motivated! Themed weeks galore has also kept us really enjoying the wider curriculum up in Year 6 Oak. To kick off the term, we celebrated Charities Week – our chosen charity was Help for Heroes, which complimented our Topic on WWII. We were fortunate enough to meet an ex-soldier who now works for Help for Heroes. He had some amazing stories and was even able to show us all his medals! Following Charities Week, we dived into Mental Health Week. We relished in being able to relax after the challenge of Year 6 Maths and Literacy, and particularly enjoyed making our own pie charts and bar graphs on the hours of sleep we have as a class, as well as making healthy smoothies and completing beautiful art in the style of Charlie Mackesy! Mental Health Week was swiftly followed by Reading Week, in which we were able to make our own books packed full of art and wise words that we can carry with us into secondary school. This was particularly fitting and exciting as our journey at Grove Park starts to draw to a close! After such a successful term, we are ready to take on the challenges and rewards of the Summer Term with great rigour!