Welcome to Year 5 Sycamore Class!

The Sycamore classroom is a vibrant place to be: full of enthusiasm, dedication and laughter. We take things in our stride and are respectful towards one another. When we encounter challenges we persevere and try our best - even mistakes are new learning opportunities!

We love to question, investigate and think deeply about what we learn. Like the Sycamore tree’s leaves, we think broadly; like its roots, we support one another.

Our home table groups are named after rock bands this year, including musical icons such as David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan. We’re looking forward to listening to them throughout the year and researching more about them. Our mathematics tables are named after illustrious mathematicians: Albert Einstein, Alan Turing, Isaac Newton, Maryam Mirzakhani and Katherine Johnson. They all have accomplished great things and inspire us to achieve our best and make the most of every lesson.

We hope you enjoy looking at our class page and all the exciting things we get up to over the year.

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Autumn Overview 


An action-packed term kicked off an amazing start to the year. With visits to the Houses of Parliament and Hampton Court Palace, alongside the creativity and challenges of the curriculum. Below are a few snapshots of what Sycamore class got up to.

Throughout the Autumn term, Sycamore class have learnt about the Tudor period. We discovered all about the life and times of the Kings and Queens, how they carefully curated and maintained their image through artwork and symbolism, as well as focusing on trade, exploration and discoveries of new worlds. This culminated in a History and Geography theme week where map reading skills were put to the test in Orienteering workshops, and Tudor artwork produced (including Tudor Rose glass painting and clay work). Independent research projects based on an aspect of Tudor life were presented in class and celebrated in a Tudor Exhibition in the main hall. It was fantastic to see the wide range of research which included Tudor food, crime and punishment, life for the rich and poor and housing.

In October we were privileged to be visited by, poet and author, Joseph Coelho. Joe brought his enthusiasm for vocabulary, spoken word and plenty of humour to a whole school assembly - who could forget his hilarious take on ‘School Dinners’?. Sycamore class were lucky to be treated to a workshop run by him, based on his poem ‘If all the world were…’. Many of the class were inspired to write their own poems which ranged from a Bake Off inspired ‘If all the world were baking’ to a poem showcasing our love of literature, ‘If all the world were a library’.

During Charities Week, Year 5 focused their work around the themes of kindness, friendship and being there for one another – all themes exemplified by our chosen charity: Samaritans. Finished work included hand-woven friendship bracelets and bath salts (for our parents and ourselves to soak in). We looked at the power of adjectives, advertising and the benefit of naturally sourced ingredients to create branding and labelling for our product. It’s the most pleasant Sycamore class has smelt this year! J

Our continued development of our Creative Writing took us on imaginative journey’s through Francesca Sanna’s ‘The Journey, to Armin Greder’s ‘The Island’. We’ve built on our empathy skills by focusing on books with emotional responses, including Nicola Davies’ ‘The Pond’ and ‘Perfect’ and David Lucas’ fantastic ‘Robot and the Bluebird’. These themes were also mirrored in our study of our class text, the children’s classic ‘Tom’s Midnight Garden’. In Maths for Life we’ve worked out altitudes of Mountains (using measurement and operational calculations), planned a Tudor Feast for Henry VIII, and worked to budgets when sending our teachers on a well-deserved holiday.

We look forward to what the next term will bring and the exciting challenges that lay ahead in 2019!



 Spring Overview


This past term, Year 5 Sycamore have been studying Mega Greek. The whole class have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the language, researching the alphabet and learning about the etymology of modern day words. Alongside each session is a cultural segment, which has ranged from an ‘unbelievable truth style’ game about Olympic Lying (complete with theme tune ‘borrowed’ from the Radio 4 show!) to creating clay acroterions and soaring Icarus flyers.

The pupils are guided by a different Greek God / prominent figure in Ancient Greece which has piqued their interest and led the children to research stories of the many Gods and Goddesses. As a result of participating in the work, Year 5 have explored other areas of the curriculum, creating Greek shields and designing graphic novels based on Imogen and Isabel Greenberg’s text ‘Athena’ and Marcia William’s ‘Greek Myths’.

Throughout the rest of the term, we have benefitted from author visits during our Reading Festival. We were lucky to have Alistair introduce the amazing Abi Elphinstone. She taught us lots about the writing process and how she creates her own fantastical worlds. We explored our English texts ‘The Highwayman’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in lots of depth and used drama and bookmaking to bring the stories to life.

We are looking forward to continuing our progress and will be studying Hawaii in the summer term, comparing island life to life in London.