Welcome to Year 4 Pine Class!

In Pine class we are ready for the challenges of year 4 and want to try our absolute best! Our class values are creativity, fun, perseverance and respect. We always listen to other people’s ideas and compliment each others work. Now that we are moving up the school we aim to be good role models for all the other children. We hope you enjoy looking at all the fun things we are doing this year!


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 Autumn Overview


Autumn term was enjoyable, fascinating and action-packed for Pine Class. We were learning about the Victorian Era and how society has changed since then. In our topic lessons, we learnt about significant Victorian inventions, such as the telephone and steam engine, and used our presenting skills to advertise each product. Also, we learnt about the substantial contrast between the lives of rich and poor Victorians. It was sad to learn that because lots of people lived close together, disease was often common. Almost half of all funerals in London in the Victorian times were for children.

As part of our learning about the Victorians, we went on a fantastic and interesting school trip to Gunnersbury Park and Museum. The children and adults played their parts, by dressing up in Victorian clothing and immersing themselves in Victorian life. Whilst there, Pine Class experienced a traditional Victorian school. The children also had to sit up straight when writing and only write with their right hand, as using your left hand was frowned upon in this period. It was intriguing to learn about school during this period and the children recognised that school was a lot less fun!

In our English lessons, we read the novel Street Child by Berlie Doherty. The story follows the life of a Victorian pauper, Jim, as he tries to navigate his way through the cruel and unpleasant city after he escapes the workhouse and loses his family. Pine Class began by using the novel to write diary entries from the perspective of Jim living in the workhouse. Then, the children wrote balanced arguments surrounding the question ‘Should Jim escape the workhouse?’

During Autumn term, we have completed lots of impressive art. We used pastels to recreate Monet’s ‘Waterlily Pond and Japanese Bridge’ and noted how Monet used a particular palette of colours throughout the entirety of the painting. Then, we painted portraits of Queen Victoria and took our inspiration from a portrait of Queen Victoria painted by Franz-Xavier Winterhalter.

In our Computing lessons this term, we have designed and made computerised toys. We first designed our initial toy idea using Microsoft Paint. Then, we created a 3D model of our toy using Lego with suitable space for a BBC microbit. Next, we programmed the microbit to display words or images when we pressed either button A or B or even when we shook the microbit.